Visual artist and photographer Olivia Milani (b.1984) has been captivated by images and the power of visual language since she can remember.
She studied photography at Central Saint Martins in London, graduating with a Postgraduate degree in Photography. Through her curious, inquisitive and lyrical looking, she creates subtle, open narratives and usually develops long term projects. Olivia has travelled extensively, her travels deeply influence her work. She sees photography as a tool for outer and inner exploration and discovery. 

With a multicultural background, she grew up in the Italian speaking region of Switzerland. She lives and works in London, England and feels at home in the world. Her work has been exhibited internationally and she has collaborated with many gifted artists. She approaches her work with serious playfulness and she likes to let its meaning unfold.

Limited edition prints of her work are available here:  She also works on assignments as a freelance photographer, more can be seen at:
She welcomes creative collaborations and commissions and wishes to use her skills and talents in a meaningful way.


“From music people accept pure emotion but from visual art they demand explanation.” – Agnes Martin

Travel is an important catalyst to my work - inner explorations as well as literal travels are my primal source of inspiration. As much as representing outer places, my images are about our inner landscapes. I seek to give form to the formless, to convey internal states and atmospheres, ways of feeling and perceiving. 
My work is informed by mythology and my deep appreciation and interest for the inner dimensions and processes of the soul. I’ve always been fascinated by the transformative power of images and interested in how outer and inner images influence and transform each other. How they dialogue, weave and flow into each other.

My work is essentially narrative, there is always a story inside every photograph and some of my images give up their secrets slowly. The photographs often emerge from situations and places I encounter by chance and that somehow seem to glow with meaning. I like to invest them with symbolic associations.
I’m particularly attracted to vast, open landscapes, to the peaceful beauty they evoke and the sense of expansion. My search often leads me to remote and unusual locations, but I’m equally charmed by the hidden depth and peculiar grace of everyday places. 

Photography allows me to discover new ways of seeing and relating to the world as well as being a tool to introspect and activate the imagination. Capturing images is a way of finding a more intimate connection to my surroundings and of accessing a state of increased awareness - of slowing down the looking to fully open and attune to the moment. When tending to the moment in this way, it seems to reveal it’s unique vitality - that invisible, yet perceivable essence that shines through the world of form. 

I’m interested in eternal subjects like the cycles of change, transformation, and renewal as well as themes at the root of humanity: the individual’s search for a sense of belonging, meaning, self-knowledge and truth.

– Olivia Milani, 2019